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Trianco Eurostar HE Utility 38/52 (130-180)

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The Trianco Eurostar Kitchen/Utility Oil Regular Boiler range is ideal for a range of property sizes in rural and remote areas where there is no mains gas supply. The Eurostar Kitchen/Utility Oil Regular Boilers are floor standing and designed so that they can be neatly installed beneath a standard work surface in a utility room providing flexibility when installing the boiler. All Eurostar Kitchen/Utility Regular Boilers are fitted with 'specially matched' riello burners for optimum performance and are easy to install and adjust making installation and servicing quick and simple. Also the Eurostar Kitchen/Utility Oil Regular Boiler is fitted with concealled controls behind the front panel and comes with a standard conventional flue; however an optional balanced flue is also available. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Sedbuk A rating (2005)
  • Fitted with Riello burners
  • Casing is mild steel finished in a durable insulated, white stove enamel
  • Standard flue: conventional - balanced flue options available
  • Models serviceable from the top
  • Can be used on sealed systems
  • High level of insulation


At  Boilers2go we recommend the Trianco Eurostar 38/52 Kitchen/Utility Oil Regular Boiler for large size homes with more than one bathroom and a high demand for hot water. Also the Eurostar 38/52 Kitchen/Utility Oil Regular Boiler is an ideal alternative to a regular gas boiler for properties in off gas areas and is a highly efficient boiler with a SEDBUK 'A' rating, the highest official energy efficiency rating in the UK. 

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Customers Also Bought

  • Vaillant Ecotec Plus 618HE natural gas system boiler


    The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus System range of system boilers are an ideal choice for a wide range of house with outputs that range from 12 - 37kw. ecoTEC plus system boilers provide simple installation and unrivalled flexibility.

    Vaillant ecoTEC plus system boilers have compact dimensions and one of the lowest weights in their class (from 34.8kg) - meeting the growing demand from installers and end users for smaller, lightweight appliances. The boilers are all SEDBUK Band 'A' rated (SAP 2009) and all models can easily be converted to run on LPG.
    The CH (Central heating) heat output range from 4.9 - 12kW in the ecoTEC plus system 612 to 12.0 - 37.0kW for the ecoTEC plus system 637. All ecoTEC plus system boilers have a 2 year guarantee.
    ecoTEC plus system boilers have the following central heating heat output ranges:
    ecoTEC plus 612 - 4.9 - 12.0kW
    ecoTEC plus 615 - 4.9 - 15.0kW
    ecoTEC plus 618 - 6.7 - 18.0kW
    ecoTEC plus 624 - 8.7 - 24.0kW
    ecoTEC plus 630 - 10.0 - 30.0kW
    ecoTEC plus 637 - 12.0 - 37.0kW

    Brochures & Manuals

    ecoTEC Comparision Guide

    ecoTEC 2012 Brochure

    ecoTEC Plus Installation Guide

    ecoTEC Plus User Manual

    Features & Benefits

    High condensing efficiency SEDBUK efficiency of 89.4% (SAP 2009)
    Compact dimensions Offers excellent siting versatility and easy installation
    Large surface area stainless steel heat exchanger Stainless steel heat exchanger allows more heat to be extracted by recapturing otherwise wasted heat
    Built-in status / diagnostic display Provides comprehensive status and diagnostic information and simple push button programming
    Single electronic circuit board Simplifies commissioning and servicing
    Simple new control panel Straightforward push button controls, provide improvements via: - intuitive heating and hot water adjustment by ‘hot keys’ similar to those used on mobile phones - fault codes, which are supplemented by plain text descriptions
    'Wizard' installation feature To guide the installer through the correct set up and commissioning of the boiler on first ignition, saves time and ensures ‘right first time’ installation
    Front access to components As with previous models, but we now also have new removable side panels for additional accessibility and flexibility
    Exceptional build quality Tried and tested manufacturing methods and retained compact dimensions, as well as low lift weight, means reassured continuity with the previous ecoTEC range

    At Boilers2go we recommend the Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Gas System Boiler for small homes with a single bathroom where living space is limited and where the user wants the convenience of instant hot water. Also as the ecoTEC Pro Gas Combi Boiler is a condensing boiler, capable reclaiming latent heat from the flue gases, the user will benefit from reduced fuel bills and carbon emissions. This also gives the ecoTEC Pro Combi Boiler an energy efficiency rating of 'A' on the SEDBUK scale. Also Vaillant provide a 1 year manufacturer's guarantee a worthwhile extra in providing peace of mind to consumers who opt for the ecoTEC Pro Gas Combi Boiler.

    Vaillant ecoTec Pro Dimensions (mm)

    1 Wall breakthrough for air/flue gas duct
    2 Hanging bracket
    3 Heating flow (22 x 1.5)
    4 Hot water connection (15 x 1.5)
    5 Gas connection (15 x 1.5)
    6 Cold water connection (15 x 1.5)
    7 Heating return (22 x 1.5)
    8 Air/flue gas duct connection
    9 Condensate siphon
    10 Condensate discharge connection, Ø 19 mm
    11 Heating expansion relief valve drain line connection, Ø 15 mm


  • Honeywell DT92E wireless digital room thermostat

    The Honeywell DT92E Wireless Digital Thermostat provides automatic temperature control over gas or oil fired boiler systems, underfloor heating, electric heating and zoning systems. The DT92E Wireless Digital Thermostat features an ECO button an energy saving function that gives timed setback or boosts temperatures to reduce energy demand.

    The Honeywell DT90E Wired Digital Thermostat is also a TPI (Time Proportional Integral) control product, as defined in the building regulations, which makes boilers operate more efficiently and provide close accurate control. This is continually improved by a self learning adaptive capability. Also the 'OFF' setting can be utilised for frost and hypothermia protection, assuming the system time control is also switched on.

    Key Features:

    • Energy saving TPI control
    • ECO button for energy saving mode
    • User Friendly controls
    • 30 metre wireless range
    • Two way wireless communication
    • signal strength indicator
    • 5-35°C set point range
    • 'Off' setting with adjustable Off setpoint
    • Mains or low voltage switching
    • Two wire connection

    Honeywell DT92 Wireless Digital Thermostat Control Layout

  • Glow-worm Ultrapower 170SXI HE store boiler

    The Glow-worm Ultrapower SXI Condensing Gas Combi Store Boiler range is designed for large properties with a very high demand for hot water and multiple bathrooms. The Ultrapower SXI Gas Combi Store Boilers are designed with a large internal hot water storage cylinder with quick reheat for instant hot water. Also with a back up combi system can provide continuous hot water without running out plus the Ultrapower SXI Gas Combi Store Boiler comes with a back up immersion heat should the combi system develop a fault. In addition the Ultrapower SXI Gas Combi Boiler has an in-built programmer providing the user with flexibility and comfort from the central heating.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • High Efficiency
    • 5 second hot water delivery (measured at a tap 1m from the boiler)
    • Advanced diagnostics
    • Inbuilt frost protection
    • LPG compatible
    • Continua electronics
    • Pre-fixing jig
    • Drop down electrical connections
    • Inbuilt programmer
    • Back up immersion heater
    • Bottom cover plate
    • 2 Year Manufacturer's Parts & Labour Warranty


    At Boilers2go we recommend the Glow-worm UItrapower 170 SXI Condensing Gas Combi Store Boiler for large properties with more than one bathroom and a very high demand for hot water throughout the day. The Ultrapower 170 SXI Gas Combi Store Boiler is also a condensing boiler capable of reclaiming latent heat from the flue gases before they are lost to the atmosphere helping to reduce fuel consumption and so lower gas bills and carbon emissions. Plus the Ultrapower 170 SXI Gas Combi Store Boiler comes with a 2 year manufacturer's parts and labour warranty for peace of mind.   

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 38CDI classic combi NG

    The Worcester Greenstar 38CDi Classic gas combi boilers are the top of the range boilers from Worcester Bosch.

    The 38CDi offers the widest choice of features within the Worcester Greenstar boiler range, including the ability to control both the hot water and central heating temperatures, providing the ultimate in performance, economy and user convenience.

    Greenstar CDi Classic combi boilers are unique in that they condense in both heating and hot water modes, resulting in greater efficiency and fuel savings. 5 year boiler guarantee until 30th June 2013 (terms and conditions apply). 10 year guarantee on primary heat exchanger.

    Central heating output: 30kW
    Domestic hot water flow rate: 16.4 litres per minute at 35 degree temperature rise (provided adequate mains pressure is available)

    Efficiency: 90.2% A
    The Greenstar 38CDi Classic is 90.2% efficient and is in the highest possible official efficiency category, SEDBUK band ‘A‘This boiler is registered with the Energy Saving Trust.


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