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Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Detector (SF450EN)


Product Description

The Honeywell SF450EN Carbon Monoxide Detector is a highly reliable and accurate CO Detector for domestic use within the home, caravan or boat. The SF450EN uses the latest in electro-chemical sensor technology to ensure reliablity and is guaranteed to provide 6 years of life, under normal working conditions. Also the SF450EN Carbon Monoxide Detector is officially aprroved and kite marked to the stringent preformance requirements of the European Standard EN50291:2001.  

Customers Also Bought

Customers Also Bought

  • Worcester DT20 Twin Channel Digital Programmer

    The Worcester DT20 Twin Channel Digital Programmer allows the user to set 3 different central heating and hot water times each day and can be different times for each day of the week. The DT20 will automatically set to the right time and can also adjust the time to the Greenwich mean time and british summer time so that the does not have to worry about making the changes themselves. The DT20 also features the innovative holiday function whereby normal central hearting and hot water times can be suspended while the owners are away and resume upon their return.

    The Worcester DT20 Twin Channel Digital Programmer is compatible with all Greenstar Combi Boiler ranges and with Greenstar System Boilers as long as the optional intergrated diverter valve is also used. The DT20 can also be used with the FR10 intelligent room thermostat and will help increase the boilers fuel efficiency and reducing fuel bills and carbon emissions. 

    At Boilers2go we recommend the DT20 for use with Worcester Greenstar Combi Boilers for greater control over central heating and hot water times compared with a standard programmer and its ability to help reduce fuel consumption when used with the FR10 room stat.

  • Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive 832 HE Gas Combination Boiler

    The Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive Condensing Gas Combi Boiler range is designed for use in large properties providing both central heating and hot water. The ecoTEC Exclusive Gas Combi Boilers have a wide modulating range meaning that the boiler is in condensing mode for longer and will maintain the boilers higher energy efficiencies at lower heating outputs. As well as this the ecoTEC Exclusive Gas Combi Boiler features a new electronically controlled modulating pump that has a low electricity consumption further improving the energy efficiency of the Boiler range.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • SEDBUK 'A' rating
    • High domestic flow rates, Quick filling of baths and high performance showers
    • New design controls, Enhanced appearance and feel
    • Backlit text making it easier to read
    • Electronically controlled pump
    • Suited to larger homes


    At Boilers2go we recommend the Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive 832 Condensing Gas Combi Boiler for users with large properties who desire the convenience of instant hot water. As well as the ecoTEC Exclusive 832 Gas Combi Boiler has an impressive energy efficiency rating of 'A' on the SEDBUK scale the highest official energy efficiency rating in the UK. This high efficiency rating is due to the boilers condensing capabilities and is able to reclaim latent heat from the flue gases which would otherwise be lost and use it to help reduce fuel consumption. With the ecoTEC Exclusive 832's high energy efficiency and wide modulating range users will benefit from lower fuel bills and carbon emissions making this a wise investment for any home.

    Vaillant ecoTec Exclusive 838 Dimensions (mm)

    1. Flue connection
    2. Mounting bracket
    3. Heating return
    4. Cold water connection
    5. Gas connection
    6. Hot water connection
    7. Heating flow
  • Glow-Worm Flexicom 15HX HE Gas Heating Boiler

    The Glow-worm Flexicom HX Condensing Gas Regular Boiler range is ideal for a variety of property sizes with a high demand for hot water. The Flexicom HX Gas Regular Boiler is the first high efficiency Regular Boiler with a direct rear flue and cupboard fit dimensions providing flexibility when choosing where to install the boiler in the home. Also the Flexicom HX Gas Regular Boiler has been designed to be hassle free when replacing an old boiler or installing as new and is compatible with any existing hot water cylinder reducing installation times and costs. Plus with in-built advanced diagnostics servicing and maintenance is made quicker and easier providing further savings to the user. 

    At Boilers2go we recommend the Glow-worm Flexicom 15 HX Condensing Gas Regular Boiler for small-medium size properties with a high demand for hot water. Also as the Flexicom 15 HX Gas Regular Boiler is a condensing boiler, capable of reclaiming heat from the flue gas before they are lost to the atmosphere, users will save on their gas bills. Due to the condensing capabilities of the Flexicom 15 HX Gas Regular Boiler it has a high energy efficiency rating of 'A' on the SEDBUK scale helping reduce gas consumption and lower carbon emissions. In addition the Flexicom 15 HX Gas Regular Boiler comes with a 2 year manufacturer's parts and labour warranty making this a worthwhile investment.

  • Fernox TF1 total filter 22 mm

    The Fernox TF1 Total Filter is a revolutionary in-line filter that combines hydrocyclonic action with specially designed magnetic assemblies to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic debris and contaminants commonly found in central heating systems. Commonly found debris within central heating systems include iron oxide sludge, scale, casting sand, welding debris and non ferrous metal flakes which can cause the premature failure of valves and pumps and cause blockages with heat exchangers, pipework and radiators. Such problems can be costly to remedy and blockages can cause cold spots in radiators and significantly reduce the efficiency of the boiler and central heating system. A reduction in energy efficiency can result in higher fuel bills and carbon emissions which is bad news for households making a boiler filter such as the TF1 Total Filter a wise investment.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Hydrocyclonic and magnetic filters for effective filtration
    • Removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris
    • Fits both vertically and horizontally
    • Cleaned quickly and simply without removal or disassembly
    • Will not restrict flow
    • Valves and Fittings included


    At Boilers2go we highly recommend the Fernox TF1 Total Filter 22m for systems using 22mm pipe and to fully protect the central heating system for commonly occurring contaminants. Also the TF1 Total Filter 22mm will ensure the optimum running efficiency of the boiler and central heating system resulting in continued reduced fuel bills and carbon emissions.  

    Fernox TF1 Total Filter Components



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