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Grant Wxa250/100 Adjustable Extension 235-300 mm 12-46 Kw White

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  • Salamander condensafe plus

    The Salamander Condensafe Plus Boiler Neutraliser is designed to neutralise the acidic condensate produced by condensing boilers which use waste heat from the flue gases to pre heat the water before it enters the boiler. However this process produces an acidic condensate which is commonly drained away into the sewage system, the average condensing boiler however produces around 800 Litres per year at about pH 4. Most nations require that acidic effluent discharged into the sew system at between 6.5 and 10.0 pH to protect the micro organisms used in biological purification processes. The Condensafe Plus contains a special medium that neutralises this acidic condensate helping to reduce the amount of acidic discharge entering the sewage system.

    Key Features:

    • The Shape manipulates the flow of condensate through the uint to ensure maximum contact with the medium
    • Flow of condensate and air is not restricted making the unit suitable for used with both constant and periodic modes of discharging condensate
    • The unit contain a trap to capture debris from the boiler and can be easily removed via a screw cap at the base of the unit
    • There is a bypass within the unit encase of a blockage ensuring that there is not a back up of condensate back into the boiler
    • The neutraliser media is contained within its own bag and can easily be replaced during the boilers annual service
  • Alpha Intec 30GS HE Gas System Boiler

    The Alpha Intec GS Gas Saver Combination Boiler is a gas combi boiler that features a built in gas saver designed to reclaim latent heat from the flue gases. The reclaimed heat is then used to pre heat water coming into the boiler helping to reduce the boilers work load as well as reduce its fuel consumption. By lowering the boilers work load the Intec GS Gas Saver Combination Boiler has an improved reliability and can have a longer working life than a standard condensing combi boiler. Also as the fuel consumption is lower the user will benefit from lower gas bills and the homes carbon footprint is also reduced making your home more environmentally friendly.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • EuP compliant boiler with integrated GasSaver technology
    • Two models available
    • 35% reduction in gas used to provide hot water
    • Same connections as a boiler with no additional exposed pipework
    • Low electrical consumption

    Inside the Alpha Intec 30GS Saver Combination Boiler 




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