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Glow-Worm 20040796 Outdoor Sensor

Product Type

Product Description

The Glow-worm Outdoor Sensor provides an added level of intelligence to the central heating system by monitoring the external temperature to the home and adjusting the heating output to better maintain the ideal internal temperature. The weather compensation allows the outdoor temperature to be communicated back to the central heating system and adjusting the flow temperature to the radiators to meet the users heating demands. The Outdoor Sensor can significantly help users to reduce their boilers fuel consumption by ensuring that the home is not over heated when the outside temperature increases and affects the internal temperature of the home. This ensures that low annual gas bills are maintained and the homes carbon emissions are reduced.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enables weather compensation
  • Wired sensor
  • Simple and discreet


At Boilers2go we recommend the Glow-worm Outdoor Sensor for use with all Glow-worm gas boiler models for increased energy efficiency and reduced gas bills and carbon emissions. Plus with the Outdoor Sensor the homes desired central heating requirements can be better maintained for improved comfort. 


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  • Sentinel X100 towel rail inhibitor 60ml

    Sentinel X100 Towel Rail Inhibitor is formulated to provide protection to stand-alone water filled electric towel rails or towel rails connected to the central heating system against corrosion and scale. X100 Towel Rail inhibitor is a multipurpose ihibitor helping to protect towel rails against corrosion, limescale, hydrogen gassing and prevent pin hole leaks from forming. One 60ml tube of X100 Towel Rail inhibitor will protect an electric water filled towel rail of up to 12 litres or to replenish a central heating system already treated with X100 when replacing or connecting a new towel rail. X100 Towel Rail Inhibitor is easy to use:

    • For electric towel rails simply add the entire tube to the electric towel rail before filling with water
    • For Towel rails connected to the central heating system, simply top-up a system already dosed with X100 central heating inhibitor via the radiator air bleed valve before re-pressurising the system
    • From systems not already treated with X100 central heating inhibitor simply dose the system with 1 litre of X100 central heating Inhibitor after installing the towel rail.


    The Sentinel X100 Towel Rail Inhibitor comes with a free adaptor for quick and easy dosing and can be used on towel rails fitted to traditional wet central heating systems, duel fuel towel rails and standalone towel rails.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Complete Towel Rail protect against corrosion and scale 
    • Extends the life and maintains the optimum efficiency of Towel Rails
    • Prevent the formation of cold spots
    • Prevents pin holing
    • Suitable for all water filled Towel Rails
    • Quick and easy dosing, via free adaptor
    • Can be used as a system inhibitor top-up
    • Non-toxic and biodegradable
    • Suitable for all metal types (including Aluminium)


    Sentinel X100 Towel Rail Inhibitor Video




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