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Charnwood SLX20 Black

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Customers Also Bought

Customers Also Bought

  • Adey Magnaclean Micro

    The Adey Magnaclean Micro is a magnetic filter designed to fit to the central heating system near to the boiler and is used to remove both magnetic and non magnetic debris commonly found in central heating systems. Debris such as iron oxide sludge, scale, casting sand, welding debris and non ferrous metal flakes are a common problem for many central heating systems and can cause corrosion as well as affecting the efficiency of the heating system and boiler. The build up of iron oxide sludge and scale can cause problems such as cold spots in radiators which means the boiler has to work harder to heat the home and so fuel consumption increases resulting in higher fuel bills for the user. With the Magnaclen Micro user can ensure that their boiler and central heating system runs at optimum efficiency continually helping to maintain low fuel bills and reduced carbon emissions.

     At Boilers2go we recommend the Adey Magnaclean Micro to ensure optimum efficiency and prolonging the life of the boiler, radaitors and central heating system. Also the Magnaclean Micro is simple to install and use and can be easily unscrewed from the system and cleaned. Plus with a Magnaclean Micro boiler filter the user can easily and quickly dose their central heating system with boiler treatments further protecting the boiler and central heating system via a unque one way valve. As well as helping user to save on costly maintainence and service costs the Magnaclean Professional  also comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee for extra peace of mind.   

    How the Magnaclean Micro Works

    1. The water circulating the central heating flows throught the magnaclean professional where the black iron oxide sludge, that forms within the system, is deposited
    2. The powerful magnetic core is used to remove any magnetic debris such as the black iron oxide sludge
    3. The black iron oxide sludge is attracted to the magnetic core and is filtered out of the system water
    4. Within 10 seconds the system water is virtually cleared of black iron oxide sludge
    5. The magnetic core can then be removed and cleaned to ensure that the filter continues to work at optimum effectiveness (the magnaclean can hold up to a years worth of debris before it requires cleaning)


    Unique One Way Valve For Quick and Easy Chemical Dosing

    Magnaclean Micro Dimensions


  • Potterton Sirius WH60 Wall Hung Gas Condensing Boiler

    The Potterton Sirius Commercial Gas Regular Boiler range are a technically sophisticated light weight commercial condensing gas boiler range suitable for a range of commercial requirements. The light weight and quiet running Sirius Commercial Gas Regular Boiler is easy to install and extremely energy efficient, up to 107% net, with ultra low NOx emissions. The high efficiency and low emissions are attained with the use of the latest stainless steel heat exchanger technology and sophisticated controls for optimum performance and efficiency. In addition the Sirius Commercial Gas Regular Boilers offer a full fault diagnostic system and in-built time controls as standard.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Condensing Commercial Boiler
    • Energy efficiency up to 107% net (96% gross)
    • Part L2 Seasonal Efficiency (94%)
    • Modulating pre-mix burner
    • Low NOx, exceeding Class 5
    • Full fault diagnostics system and in-built time controls as standard
    • Optional system controls available
    • Single or modular applications
    • 5 year warranty on corrosion resistant heat exchanger
    • ECA listed


  • Grant Vortex Pro 21 kw Floor Standing Combination Oil Boiler

    The Grant Vortex Pro Oil Combi Boiler range is a floor standing internal oil boiler ideal for properties in rural areas without a mains gas supply and a low demand for hot water. The Vortex Pro Oil Combi Boilers feature built in frost protection ensuring reliable operation even during the coldest winters. Also the Vortex Pro Oil Combi Boilers are fitted with a large heat exchange that provides greater energy efficiency due to its low water content and large surface area. In addition the Vortex Pro Oil Combi Boilers are fitted with a low system pressure cut off switch to protect the boiler in the event of loss of water from the system. The Vortex Pro Oil Combi Boilers are fitted with a neon diagnostic indicators ensuring quick and easy maintenance.  

    At Boilers2go we recommend the Grant Vortex Pro 21 Oil Combi Boiler for small properties in off gas areas and a low demand for hot water. Also the Vortex Pro 21 Oil Combi Boiler is a condensing boiler able to reclaim latent heat from the flue gases reducing fuel consumption saving on fuel bills and lowering carbon emissions. Plus the Vortex Pro 21 Oil Combi Boiler comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

    Grant Vortex Pro 21 Internal Oil Combi Boiler Internal View

    Grant Vortex Pro 21 Internal Oil Combi Boiler Control Panel Guide

    Grant Vortex Pro 21 Internal Oil Combi Boiler Dimensions (mm)


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