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Boilers are an integral part of any home providing heating and hot water on demand and are available at Boilers2go in a wide range of types from Gas Boilers, LPG boilers, Oil Boilers, Electric Boilers and Solid Fuel Boilers. Also boilers are further divided into either Regular Boilers, System Boilers and Combi Boilers all designed to suit different property types and different demands for hot water and heating. Gas Boilers are the most common boilers found in most homes as natural gas is readily supplied to most homes, however for those without mains gas other fuel types are available and can be equally efficient and cost effective as gas. A number of boiler accessories are also available at Boilers2go such as flues, controls, pumps and filters to provide greater flexibility and reliability from the boiler. There are a huge variety of boilers on the market from several leading manufacturer's including Worcester, Vaillant, Baxi, Ideal, Glow-worm, Vokera, Grant and Trianco.

Gas Boilers

Gas Boilers are the most common type of boiler and come in many different forms such as the Combi Gas Boiler which is great for those who want a one box solution without the need for a cylinder, Regular Gas Boilers which offers great performance combined with a heating cylinder and our System Gas Boilers offer the benefits of the Regular Boiler but is more compact heating solution as some of heating components are built in. All the Condensing Gas Boilers available at Boilers2go are either SEDBUK A or B rated and are highly efficient and reliable. Many brands such as Worcester Bosch and Baxi offer 5 year warranties on their most popular models as a commitment to quality - check out the Worcester Greenstar CDI, Baxi Platinum and Ideal Logic Plus ranges for a 5 year parts and labour manufacturer warranty.

Oil Boilers

Oil Boilers are common in rural areas where mains gas is not available. We sell the best oil boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch, Grant and Trianco. Oil Boilers can be placed indoors and can be wall hung or floor standing or you can purchase outdoor external oil boilers which have a rugged weatherproof case to free up space in your home. Like Gas Boilers, Oil Boilers are available in Combination, Regular and System variants to suit your heating needs. Oil Boilers at Boilers2go are available in a wide range of outputs from 16kw to 70kw which make it suitable for small and large properties.

Electric Boilers

Electric Boilers are popular for flats and smaller properties where mains gas isn't available. The most popular brands of Electric Boiler are Heatrae Sadia with their Electromax and Amptec models and Trianco with their bestselling Trianco Aztec range. Electric boilers are also used for underfloor heating and for solar applications. They are normally used with a cylinder or come with a built in store like on the Heatrae Electromax with Store. Outputs on Electric Boilers range from 2kw to 12kw so are suited for heating small properties.

Solid Fuel Boilers

Solid Fuel Boilers are suitable for homes that prefer solid fuel heating. Trianco have a unique Solid Fuel Boiler the Trianco TRG with outputs from 13kw to 23kw which runs off anthracite fuel and is easy to use and clean. We also sell a range of Charnwood solid fuel room heaters with built in boilers.

Combi Boilers

Combi Boilers (Combination Boilers) are the most common type of boiler sold today and at Boilers2go we have a wide range available. They offer a space-spacing alternative to the traditional boiler and cylinder system by offering a one box hot water and heating solution. Heating hot water on demand upto 25 litres per minute without the need for storage makes it a great heating solution for most households. Combi Boilers are available for natural gas, lpg, oil and electric fuels. Combi Boilers offer strong heating performance ranging from 18kw to 36kw on gas and oil models which is more than adequate for even the largest household. Popular Gas Combi Boiler choices include the Worcester CDI & Junior, Baxi Duo-Tec and the Ideal Logic Plus and the most popular Oil Combi Boilers are the Worcester Heatslave and Grant Vortex Range.

System Boilers

System Boilers are like regular boilers but have heating system components built in like the Circulation Pump and the expansion vessel, these boilers are common for completely new installations on new build homes. There are a wide range of System Boilers available for different fuel types including Natural Gas as well as LPG and Oil ranges that are ideal for off gas areas. System Boilers are ideal for large properties especially those with mroe than one bathroom and have a large demand for hot water, however lower KW output models are also suitable for smaller properties. Popular System Boiler manufacturers include Worcester, Valliant and Ideal which are all available to buy at Boilers2go.

Regular Boilers

Regular Boilers are a common boiler type still widely used and are the simplest of central heating systems and be a part of either a vented or unvented system. New Regular Boilers are commonly for replacing an older non-condensing regular boiler as all new boilers are high efficiency condensing boilers with most having excellent energy efficiency ratings. Most Regular Boilers run on natural gas though LPG, Oil, Electric and Solid Fuel ranges are also widely available and are ideal for rural properties without a mains gas supply. Popular Regular Boiler manufacturers include Worcester, Ideal, Glow-worm and Vaillant which are all available to buy at Boilers2go.

Back Boilers

Back Boilers work along the same principles as Regular Gas Boiler able to supply both hot water and central heating and are ideal for replacing an existing old back boiler. A popular Back Boiler is the Baxi Bermuda and first appeared on the market back in 1966 and quickly accounted for around 80% of all new Back Boiler installation, today the Baxi Bermuda has been updated with modern technology and is still going strong. At Boilers2go we have a wide range of Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler and Valor Dimension fire front packs available at competitive prices.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers run on biomass fuels derived from organic matter such as wood pellets and logs and are referred to as 'carbon neutral' as the plants the fuel is made from absorbs the same amount of CO2 that is released by the fuel when burned, therefore no additional CO2 is added to the atmosphere. Biomass Boilers are available in a range of outputs including 12kw, 15kw, 25kw and 43kw and are ideal for a range of properties sizes in rural areas without a mains gas supply. Popular Biomass Boilers include the Baxi Bioflo, Baxi Multiheat and Baxi Solo Innova which are all available to buy here at Boilers2go.

LPG Boilers

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Boilers are an ideal alternative to a gas boiler especially for those who live in rural areas which may not have a mains gas supply. There are a wide range of LPG Boilers available from LPG combi boilers, LPG regular boilers and system boilers suitable for all propertie sizes. Popular LPG Boiler manfacturers include Worcester, Vaillant and Keston.

Commercial Boilers

Commercial Boilers are capable of generating large quantities of hot water and heating for commercial properties and commonly run gas or LPG and available in a wide range of outputs from 30kw to 120kw. Popular Commercial Boiler manfacturers include Ideal, Buderus, Potterton, Keston and Vaillant which are all available at Boilers2go.

Boiler Accessories

Boiler Accessories including Flues, Condensate Pumps, Heating Pumps and Filling Loops are integral to a homes central heating and domestic hot water systems and can help improve a boiler's energy efficiency. Also available are a wide range of Heating Controls offering improved efficiency and greater user control for flexibility and comfort. For longevity and continuous optimum efficiency Boiler Filters and Boiler Treatments are available designed to keep systems clear of commonly occurring harmful substances that build up in boilers and heating systems that can damage and affect the running of a boiler and the central heating system including radiators. With Boiler treatments a boiler and heating system can be protected from harmful substances for the life of the boiler ensuring that the user is continually providing with reliable and efficient heating and hot water.

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